Welcome to March

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March 1, 2024 / Robert Zehnder

February was a very quiet month. I have been dealing with an expanding backlog of projects at work and it has impacted the amount of time I have to dedicate to side projects. Commandbox-ssg seems to be in a good spot, it has made it easy to manage my blog. I am still working on getting pagination working similar to Eleventy, but that is on hold until things slow down a bit or that functionality is requested.

I enjoyed my time getting the commandbox-ssg version of CFDocs up and running. I would say a lot of the functionality was there, but it is not completely functional (the runnable code demos are not so runnable). The repo is out there if you would like to play around with it.

Brad Wood and Ortus Solutions released CommandBox 6.0.0 on February 15th. I have installed the new release but I have not really had time to dive in to it, especially the multi-site servers. I always develop locally on Commmandbox, but I would typically use the Lucee installer on the VPS. It looks like those days are gone forever now. I can also appreciate the ability to specify package and server scripts as an array.

Raymond Camden also had a cool session on <code><br>, Shall we play a game?, all about writing text based video games in javascript. Years ago I helped Ray with Idle Fleet, a cool little idle clicker game. If I am being honest I think I fixed a message, but I helped. 🤣

Ray will be hosting another session March 5th, Playing Games with Alpine.js. I have been looking for a reason to pickup Alpine.js and this seems as good an excuse as any. I intend on being there to heckle Ray and learn some cool stuff, come check it out!