Commandbox-ssg updates

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December 19, 2023 / Robert Zehnder

I've been diligently fixing issues over the past week trying to ensure everything runs well. With the year-end on the horizon, I'm gearing up for a little slowdown, shifting my focus from coding to spending quality time with my family. Let's dive into the latest updates!

Exciting Shout-Outs

Big thanks to Eric Peterson and Daniel Garcia for featuring commandbox-ssg on the Modernize or Die Podcast! It's always a thrill to hear my work being discussed out there. Totally awesome!

Recent Code Enhancements

I've rolled out several updates recently. Here's a quick overview of what's new:

Introducing the 'view' attribute

The type attribute in your template used to dictate the view from the _includes directory for rendering. Now, there's a view attribute, giving you the freedom to override the view for rendering your template.

For instance, consider this front matter for a 'project' type page. Instead of crafting a new 'projects' file in _includes, I leverage the existing 'page' template.

type: project
view: page

Enhanced Flexibility for CFML Templates

In the past, while CFML templates let you set a layout, specifying the view for rendering was not possible. That limitation is now history.

layout: main
view: page
<cfset tag="commandbox" />
<h4>Posts tagged as #tag#</h4>
<cfloop array="#collections.byTag[generateSlug(tag)]#" index="i">
	<p><a href="#i.permalink#" class="post-link text-decoration-none">#i.title#</a></p>

Proactive Error Prevention

I've been working hard to minimize rendering errors. Commandbox-ssg now includes checks for the existence of essential directories like _includes and _data. If these directories are present, they'll be utilized; otherwise, your templates will render, just without layouts and views. This enhancement makes commands like the following a breeze:

mkdir my-test-site --cd
echo "### Hello from commandbox-ssg" >
ssg build

Preview Your Site Locally with Commandbox

While developing commandbox-jasper, Eric Peterson contributed the .htaccess and server.json files enabling local site serving with commandbox. I've added the ssg serve command to check for these files in your current directory, create them if absent, and initiate server start.

Make sure to run ssg build first to create the webroot (_site).

Streamlining Documentation

I acknowledge the scattered state of my documentation and am actively consolidating it. Stay tuned for updates as I improve it.