Bringing back commandbox-ssg

I had paused development of commandbox-ssg for a while, but now it is back cfml commandbox

December 11, 2023 / Robert Zehnder

Over the past few years, my focus has been largely on blog-related projects. My initial foray into the world of static site generators began with commandbox-jasper. This project laid the foundation for my current static site generator, aptly named commandbox-ssg. commandbox-ssg not only inherits a substantial portion of its codebase from Jasper, but it also boasts several refinements and a more descriptive name that better captures its functionality. The name Jasper, while a sentimental nod to my dog, didn't quite convey the tool's purpose.

The transition of my development environment from MacOS to Windows, however, presented some unexpected challenges. It became apparent that my assumptions regarding file paths, which worked seamlessly on MacOS, were not compatible with Windows. This realization led to a few hiccups, but I've been making steady progress in addressing these issues.

I'm enthusiastic about resolving any lingering issues and diving into further development of the tool.