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June 01, 2021 / Robert Zehnder

Moving Jasper fully to SSG just makes sense


Last week I wrote about using Jasper to generate a static site after a comment on LinkedIn. I have been iterating through the process of generating static content and the thought hit me it may be worth "eating my own dog food," so to speak.

Moving to full SSG makes the content portable. The main reason I initially moved away from Ghost CMS is because I was paying $15/mo for a Digital Ocean 1-click droplet. Running under ColdFusion is nice, but it still requires a server. Rendering the content to HTML allows it to be deployed anywhere that can serve HTML.

I know for a fact the output HTML will Just Work ™ out of the box with Netlify. The intent of the code was to mimic Raymond's workflow on his blog and he was kind enough to help me get things configured. Netlify automatically works without having to add .html to URL links so it does not break routing which was very nice. Netlify will also allow you to set a _redirects file in the publish directory which I leverage to add a custom 404 page.

All things considered I believe things are working very well.

Cover image by Simon Wilkes on Unsplash

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