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Renegade Forums September wrap up

It is hard to believe September is almost over. I will be AFK next week, so the month is a wrap. I did manage to get a a few things done these last few weeks:

  • Moderator lists are now displayed for each forum
  • Slowly moving inline styles used in views to the main stylesheet and updating views to use classes when possible
  • Posts have been added to the user details screen to see all posts by a given user
  • Comments have been added to the user details screen to see all comments by a given user
  • Block quote styling has been added when using a block quote in a post
  • Post view tracking has been added. This will allow for adding a post viewing history for a user and also track overall views per post.
  • The time handling for posts and comments has been rewritten
  • Redirects have been removed when the route is improperly cased or was malformed, but enough information was provided to find the proper forum/post. The page will now display, but the browser will be updated to the correct URL using the javascript history api to limit 301 redirects.

The next major piece to tackle will be adding in the ability to edit a post. Once that is done it will be time to tackle user registration.

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Created May 17, 2023