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Welcome to October

Coming back from my week off has been eventful. There were good reports and I was able to spend a little much needed time with family, so there is that. I have also managed to clean up a few things here.

I found and corrected an issue when trying to post a link. I am not sure when/how that little fella worked its way in to the code base, but is working as designed now.

There was an issue when posting a link to a YouTube video or short and should now be working properly. 

The ColdBox handlers have been broken out by area of concern instead of having one monolithic event handler. I have also implemented a RequestService component that handles defaulting rc and prc values required for each, depending on the handler. It might make sense to default some of those values in a request context decorator, but I will leave things as-is for now since each scenario is slightly different. 

Routing by convention is now disabled, application routes are required to be in the ColdBox router.

I have spent a bit of time trying to cleanup the views handling viewing posts. It is now possible to edit posts and all the requisite files and javascript has been added.

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Created May 17, 2023