Renegade Forums September Update

September has finally arrived, Count Chocula is on the store shelves, and hopefully the fall weather will soon arrive.

I have slowly been adding new features, but life comes at you fast; There have been doctor visits, health scares, surgeries, and recoveries in August. That is not to say that nothing has gotten done, it has just been at a much slower rate and many of the added features are things most people will never see. Here is the short list:

The initial sitemap code I deployed a few weeks back was failing validation. Those issues have now been fixed and the search engines are now happy.

User permissions have been added to the system. It is easy to setup role based permissions per user now although right now it is very rudimentary.

The forum admin now has the ability to create forums which is a step in the right direction, before I would manually have to add each forum to the database. The process automatically grants moderation permissions and subscribes the owner to the newly created forum.

More updates to follow!

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rob -

Moderator lists have been added to the forum/post display now. The next step will be to add a forum settings module so forum details can be added. I am also working on adding user details.

Keep watching for more information.

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Created May 17, 2023