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Weekly-ish update

Throughout this week, my primary focus has been on code maintenance and cleanup, with a few noteworthy improvements and updates to share:

1. Enhanced Link Handling: We've streamlined the process of adding links to your posts. Now, when you insert a link, our system will automatically fetch the link's metadata and populate the title for you. This eliminates the need for the traditional manual copy-and-paste of both the URL and title.

2. YouTube Video Management: We've introduced a new feature for a smoother video-watching experience. If you're watching a video on YouTube and decide to play another, the system will automatically pause the currently playing video. This enhancement ensures a more seamless transition between videos.

3. Debugging Capabilities: We've bolstered our sysop menu with additional debugging routines. These routines empower you to serialize individual posts as well as perform batch serialization on all posts, making it easier to manage your content.

In the pipeline, we're gearing up for the next exciting development: integration with Amazon S3 storage. Stay tuned for updates on this upcoming feature!

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Created May 17, 2023