Renegade Forums update

Life has been hectic lately so I have not made a lot of progress recently, but here are the things I have been working on.

The main focus has been working on getting the feeds to lazy load. There is not a lot of content now, but it would be nice to support being able to load additional content items when the scroll gets beyond a certain point. 

I figured sitemap.xml support might be helpful to help with having content indexed in search engines. I am working on getting that functionality baked in to the post save process.

I still have not opened up the user registration process to the general public. I want to make sure things are working before opening the flood gates.

Since this is more or less a side project I am doing in my free time I will roll all these features out as soon as they are ready.

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Discussing Renegade Forums and issues

Created May 17, 2023