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Creating your first ColdBox application with CommandBox

Scaffolding a basic ColdBox application with CommandBox involves a series of steps, from setting up CommandBox to initializing and running your ColdBox application. Here's a guide to get you started:

Install CommandBox

Before you begin, you need to have CommandBox installed on your system. It's a CLI tool for ColdFusion (CFML) that allows you to manage dependencies, run servers, scaffold applications, and more.

  • Download : Visit the CommandBox website and download the appropriate installer for your operating system.
  • Install: Follow the installation instructions provided on the website or in the downloaded package.

Create Your Application Directory

Open Terminal/Command Prompt: Navigate to where you would like your new application to reside to create your new application directory.

Create a New ColdBox Application

Now create a new ColdBox application.

Create Application: Run the following command to create a new ColdBox application:

coldbox create app myApp

Replace myApp with your desired application name.

Start a Server

You can start a server using CommandBox to view your application.

Start Server: Run the following command:

server start

This will start a server and open your default browser to the application.

Explore Your Application

Once your server is running, you can explore the structure of your ColdBox application:

  • Handlers: Contains the CFCs (ColdFusion Components) that handle your application's requests.
  • Models: Includes the business logic and data handling.
  • Views: Holds the CFML files for the user interface.
  • Config: Contains configuration files for routes, settings, etc.

Develop Your Application

Now you can start developing your application. You can create new handlers, views, and models as needed.

Create a Handler: Use CommandBox to scaffold a new handler:

 coldbox create handler name=myHandler

Add Views: Create .cfm files in the views folder corresponding to your handlers.

Edit Configurations: Modify configurations in the config folder to set up routes, datasources, etc.

Learn More

To deepen your understanding and skills in ColdBox and CommandBox:

Community Support

If you run into issues or have questions:

  • Slack: The #box-products channel on cfml.slack
  • Forums: Join ColdFusion and ColdBox forums or communities.
  • Stack Overflow: Search or ask questions on Stack Overflow for community support.

This guide provides a basic overview of getting started with ColdBox and CommandBox. As you progress, you'll find a vast array of features and capabilities in ColdBox to explore.

Happy coding!

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Created May 23, 2023